Do you Say Grace?
G ather R ound A nd C elebrate E ating
     Life works in strange ways. You may not know something you did years ago will come back to give you pleasure and a great memory.

     That is what happened to me.

     While updating this website, I was able to once again hear the voice of my wife Jani as she prayed for the sick and aflicted.

This made me think that others migh want to hear the prayers of their loved ones, Now, and later.
Your church, or your family can have its own DoYouSayGrace pages listed with its own menu page, and links to each person's prayer.

The prayer can be in text, and/or audio.

Please Email: with your questions.
At a loss for words when asked to say Grace?
Here, at , helpful prayers, written and audio, are offered for those who need help.

Click a link to see the prayer displayed & to hear * the prayer being said.
* if available
Do You say Grace?
These people do.
Uncle Doug
God is Great.
Uncle Doug
Good Bread, Good Meat.
G R A C E!!!
Dear Jesus and God
Aunt Jan
Sick and Afflicted
Zombie Apocalypse
Hot Tea and Cupcakes
We don't care
because we love him.
For all the Birthdays
in the world.
In Jesus Name
Aubrianna's Grace
God is Good.
Humble our Hearts
Health to the rivers.
"Whispering Death" Brigade
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